The British Butler institute is a leading authority on dining and social etiquette. Our training methodology combines the contemporary with the traditional and is designed for people who wish to refine their social skills to the highest level.

Classes are aimed at individuals who enjoy entertaining and wish to become more poised and polished.

Our classes help people to understand these incredibly important life skills that can give confidence to any social occasion. Our experts guarantee to take your social skills to the next level.

Curriculum includes:

  • How to have composure and elegance in social and business entertaining
  • Table planning, setting and seating
  • Understanding formal and informal rules
  • Finesse and savoir faire
  • Ensuring guests are relaxed
  • How to eat with grace, poise and ease
  • Dining etiquette
  • Social etiquette
  • What to wear for any occasion
  • Polished movements
  • Correct sitting
  • Entertainment essentials


We offer private individual training as well as group training. This is a one day course, or bespoke according to your needs.


for the day inclusive: £795

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