Top Lawyer Ghana

Thank you, Gary. A million thanks, that is. Instructive, insightful and profound tips.

Stefanie Harper

Thank you for giving me back my confidence! I feel like a new person.

Tracy Von Brock

It was the most amazing experience that I have ever had! Initially I was a bit apprehensive to do such an intensive course but my fears were unfounded as I felt totally at home with the Institute. Claire was simply amazing and her Royal experience has helped me to host the most fantastic dinners for my family and friends. Again thank you.

Kurin Roti

Unbelievable experience. The best tutors I have come across, even the school I did 8 years ago in Switzerland was not anyway near as professional and thorough. Simply surpassed all my expectations.

Mr Ogundusola

I made a friend and gained a life skill what more could I ask for. Thank you Mr Williams!!!!

Fantastic feedback

Many thanks for the opportunity to train with your delightful client, Laila. I had a super two days and I think she made excellent progress and thoroughly enjoyed it too. The lady was very interested in the possibility of British Butler Institute running a course in Nigeria and I told her to speak to you about it as I do not know if this is something you would consider or not. Apparently they have a Finishing School there (American owned and run) but she did not consider the standard to be very high at all and was full of praise for the course she was getting from you – which is fantastic feedback!

Linna Yu

Professional and very good training. I will recommend to my family and friends. It has made big changes in my life. Thank you very much.

Helen Tailor

Please book me in for the Voice clinic as well! Very very satisfied with the training. Thank you again.

Training Nike, Inc
at Claridges Hotel, Mayfair London


Dear Gary,

First may I say, it was a great pleasure meeting you. You were such a delightful individual with wisdom and skill beyond your years.  The information and process with which you handle yourself and clientele was inspiring. My team took away more than lovely tea and cakes.  The experience far exceeded my expectations and theirs.  I will be sharing that experience with many for years to come.

I have reached out to my team several times but apparently only one photo has been sent to me so far. As they come in, I will continue to forward.

Thank you again. I can’t tell you how much your style, candor, wisdom, polish and knowledge impressed  me.  I do hope our paths cross again.

All my best,

Pam McConnell
VP/ Global Brand
Entertainment Marketing
Nike, Inc.

Monica Saral

Dear Gary, How are you? Today I take this opportunity to thank you for the life changing experience I had in learning from you the finer things in life. I learned a lot and am trying to put everything into practice. Katherine has also been very patient in making me beautiful from outside. Your effort in working on my Image from inside out was phenomenal. I would appreciate your guidance and support in my future endeavours.

Anna Anuscenko

Dear Mr Williams

I would like to thank you for the training. The knowledge you have helped me to gain is absolutely invaluable. I am very glad that I had the honour of meeting you.

All the best

John Brooks

Dear team

Event went off without a hitch!!!! Again thank you for excellent advise and skills.

Sally Wilson

Thank you, my relationship has never been stronger.

Luxury Retail Group

Dear Claire, from Alex, Harry, Amy, Rashal, Edith and Trudy thank you for all you guidance over the last few days, the language of selling was amazing, and overall an exceptional experience we highly recommend.

Thanks again and see you in 3 months time best regards Elizabeth.

John Aikeremiokha

For enlightenment and rich experience.

Rula Arbash

What I really enjoyed about today, is to never highlight a negative aspect of yourself, don’t compare yourself to somebody else. Ask yourself what is good about a negative situation. Confidence is also in you posture. Many thanks Gary

Adrian Wilson

Catherine, one word: “BRILLIANT”

Mr Baumann (Germany)

Excellent training thank you. I will make proposal for my management team to attend in 2013!

Harry Marsh and Tina Marsh

Outstanding. Tracy is the best lifecoach we have ever been to. Thank you very much to you all.

CDIP Scotland

A huge thank you to the Scotland Team, our corporate Dining etiquette course was the finest training we have ever experienced. From all the team at CDIP Scotland a HUGE HUGE THANKS!!!

Edita Perkins

Excellent package, my principal was very pleased with results. Thanks John!!

Jill Mason (Scotland)

A very big thank you to Lyn on such an informative day. It was certainly very useful for me as I am dealing with people all the time. I will continue to do the daily exercises. Many thanks once again.

Kevin Johnson (London)

My confidence has increased already…thank you very much to the great Finishing School team who helped me.

I will be definitely booking the dining etiquette course soon!!!

Mr Mittal (Industrialist)

Dear Gary,

It was my honor and pleasure to be under your guidance for 5 days. I didn’t get to know how time passed by. I think I am a new man now.

The haircut was excellent. Obviously, we went for the side partition as you had suggested. It looks perfect. I will send you a picture once I am back in India.

I went to Savile Row yesterday and took an appointment for tuesday for measurements. You were so right, I went to a few shops(most were closed) tried out some jackets, got free consultations. I am going for Prince of wales, Super 130’s 100 percent wool 3 piece suit.

I will keep you updated as and how I progress.

Have a great weekend.

Warm Regards,

G Mittal
(August 2012)

Mary Veale (Switzerland)

Dear Gary

Many thanks for this feedback. Maddison and Theo where both very excited to be able to tell us that they had passed!

It was nice for me to know that you picked up on the same errors that I keep telling them to think about and that they need to realise that only thinking about it every time they sit down at the table will it then be instinctive to sit correctly, hold their cutlery correctly etc.

Kind regards (July 2012)

Mr G Mittal (Industrialist)

Dear Gary,

Thank you Gary for giving me the opportunity, I think it is a great 5 day training program. Since it is one to one every of my needs are bespoke and taken care of. Sometimes you (I) have no idea what to expect and what is the difference it is going to make. I already feel a confidence buildup and feel more enthusiastic to go out present myself to others.

It feels nice to see people looking at you while walking, people giving way, it feels you are important. Simple, crisp things which Gary told me has changed my life instantly.

I think everyone should if given an opportunity should do this course. It makes you a better presentable person. I will come back next year to do this course again. It will take me to the next level. Thank you for making me a more confident person and a better individual.

Susan Benson (Richmond)

Dear Claire

I cant express my gratitude enough for helpling me with my husbands 50th. The dining etiquette training was one of the best experiences I have had and I soo enjoyed the lunch at Claridges.

Thank you

Jill Prout

Thomas was thrilled with the training, confident for his new venture into Oxford Uni. Thank you Gary and please send my regards to Claire.

Lillian Spencer

Dining Etiquette finishing school helped me with my business and gave me the confidence to create an outstanding event.

Thank you very much.

Peter Thompson

I now have the lady of my dreams, thanks to the confidence one on one tuition I received at The British Butler Institute Finishing School… cant tell you how happy I am.

Mr Al-Faisal

My sincere thanks for the most memorable 3 days of my life. The Ritz was spectacular for the working lunch and the classes were so relevant to what I was lacking in my professional life. Again many thanks to Mr Williams and Claire for all your help.

Philip McIntyre

What a truly remarkable experience. I feel full of confidence. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!