Common Questions

How much does a Franchise cost?

The cost of The British Butler Institute Franchise varies by country and type of Licence purchased, i.e. exclusivity or non exclusivity. Please enquire for more details.

 Who / what is The British Butler Institute’s target market?

All discerning small, medium and large sized organizations, as well as private individuals providing exceptional service to their clients, or expecting it from their staff, traditionally use & benefit from The British Butler Institute training and consultancy services.

Are The British Butler Institute materials available in multiple languages?

Yes, they are available in numerous languages, including: English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian… and many more.

Can I train in multiple locations?

Yes, through our Multiple Area Sales (MAS) program, our clients, whether organizations or individuals, can enrol their personnel for our training programs where ever they may be based worldwide and where ever The British Butler Institute training and services are offered by our franchisee partners. This benefits Franchisees in that it allows them the opportunity to still generate revenues from sales made, or training provided, by other Franchisees in markets that may be thousands of miles away from them.

How do I find out more about purchasing a The British Butler Institute Franchise?

On completion & signing of our Memorandum of Understanding, by the prospective franchisee (See Next Steps), The British Butler Institute will enter into intense discussions about the franchise opportunities, before either The British Butler Institute or the prospective franchisee makes a final decision. This gives both parties the opportunity to gain a real understanding of each other before entering into a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.

How do I decide if I would like to purchase a The British Butler Institute Franchise?

On signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (See Next Steps) The British Butler Institute will send a representative to the prospective franchisee to discuss the franchise opportunity before either The British Butler Institute or the Franchisee makes a final decision.  This gives both parties an opportunity to really learn about each other before entering into a business agreement.

What do I get if I purchase a Franchise?

The British Butler Institute provides its Franchisees with the following: Representation on The British Butler Institute Web site, access to global media, teaching expertise, course material / tutorial notes, teaching presentational material (e.g. PowerPoint presentations), intellectual property / know-how, commercial and privileged information such as course costs, target markets, course co-hosting strategies, marketing, sales expertise and ongoing support from The British Butler Institute. All of this is available for the full duration of their franchise agreement period.

How can I learn more about owning a The British Butler Institute Franchise?

Complete the Request for Franchise Information form (See Next Steps). Once we have received it, you will be contacted by a The British Butler Institute representative via e-mail or telephone and subject to mutual interest, you will be mailed ‘The British Butler Institute Franchise Information Package’.