Luxury Retail Training Programme

Exceeding Expectations

Selling luxury is about exceeding expectations, delighting and surprising! We guarantee to train your staff to the pinnacle of service excellence.

Our Finishing School clients include CEOs, professionals, celebrities, embassy staff and diplomats, presidents of large corporations, royalty, models, luxury retail and corporates.

In today’s economy, service has become a core competitive advantage.

When consumers are purchasing luxury goods they should be made to feel special and looked after by staff that are attentive, polished and professional. Consumers of luxury brands tend to have higher expectations than those of traditional consumers.

We train staff to sell with finesse and savoir faire, appealing to people`s emotions so that the client experiences a level of seamless service that is very rare in today’s busy retail environment. We have experts with over 12 years of Luxury retail training experience.

Curriculum includes:

  • Meet and greet.
  • Confident conversation.
  • Polished language skills.
  • Eye for detail.
  • Correct service protocol.
  • Building relationships.
  • Anticipation techniques and successful fulfilling of consumer requests.
  • Polished movements and deportment.
  • Understanding the nature of self-confidence.
  • Finesse and savoir faire.
  • Multicultural etiquette.


We offer a tailor made training experience according to your specific needs.

Front of house employment opportunities

The British Butler Institute has teamed up with Luxury brands to assist students who have completed certification to apply for contract positions with luxury retail brands. One such company is Caviar House & Prunier, please read more about them here.