Hotel & Spa Service Staff School

//Hotel & Spa Service Staff School
Hotel & Spa Service Staff School

Key to one’s ongoing success in the Luxury Hotel and Spa market, is being renowned for your ability to anticipate and cater to the often complex wishes of your discerning customers.

For this very reason, we at The British Butler Institute have developed a Service Essentials Training Program specifically for the Luxury Hotel and Spa market.

Our training program will ensure that your staff’s service levels stand out from the crowd and significantly boost your clients overall experience, ensuring invaluable repeat and referral business for your company.

In addition to this service and should the need arise, The British Butler Institute offers a Temporary Butler Service. We have an elite team of Butlers ready for both long and short term hire projects, anywhere in the world.

The Curriculum

Our Curriculum covers a broad spectrum of disciplines – therefore training programmes are bespoke to our customers’ specific requirements and ethos.

Curriculum subjects available (but not limited to):

  • 7 Star Butler Care and techniques
  • Understanding VIP and Celebrity expectations
  • Interact successfully with clients
  • Multicultural etiquette and international protocol
  • Client expectation checklist
  • Anticipation techniques and successful fulfilling of guest special requests
  • Corporate dress and attire
  • Concierge excellence / leisure trips / event planning / large purchases
  • Successful Communication between departments
  • Personal presentation
  • Spa services
  • Eye for detail
  • Room check lists / Romantic turndown / customised amenities
  • Meet and greet with special attention on manners
  • Packing and unpacking suitcases
  • Welcome drinks presentation
  • Serving early morning drinks
  • Wine and Champagne Presentation
  • Food Handling Safety
  • Plating / Garnishing / Napkin Folds
  • Table Settings
  • Emergency protocol issues
  • Guest Valet / care of cloths
  • Compilation of VIP Customer records – for personalisation purposes and continuity for future staff

Course Design:

Working with your team, we will create a bespoke course that meets your hotel/spa’s specific requirements. The British Butler Institute will then select our training team, which best delivers on these identified training needs and dependent on the number of delegates your company decides to train.


At the end of the training, your hotel/spa will be presented with a Bespoke Hospitality Pack, compiled with all the specific training material designed for your hotel/spa’s identified special requirements. This will form an ongoing guide for the delegates, as well as your future employees.

A bit about us:

The British Butler Institute is a world leader in the consulting and training of service excellence. Our professional team of experts deliver the very latest service methodology to the Luxury Residential, Hotel, Resort, Corporate, Yacht, Private and Commercial Jet Markets worldwide and are the very best in their respective fields of expertise.

We are proud to say that we have trained service staff in some of the finest Hotels / Spas and Game Farms around the world. If your business aspires to reach the highest level of service to match your guests very high expectations, then we will deliver the training to ensure your company attains this goal.

Our training methodology:

We strive to guarantee our success through having a thorough understanding of our client needs, as well as expectations and then delivering on these, with clear concise standardised training. This is backed up by hard copy and continued follow up from The British Butler Institute. Our system of delivery and follow up ensure that our high standards are continually maintained at optimum levels.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience, to find out how we at The British Butler Institute can ensure that your hotel/spa’s service levels stand out from the crowd and helps significantly boosts your company’s chances of future success in this competitive industry.