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Hi Gary,

You were a complete hit with my team. The feedback was very positive indeed and the day was a complete success. I had some real sceptics on the coach on the way up to London from some of the older ladies, but by coffee time, I think you totally won them over. I actually think you left them buzzing about how they were going to make a difference at the FBO. I will be expecting the team to make an immediate impact at the base, using the well-appointed phrases, ensuring uniform and appearance standards are upheld and that they take ownership of their lounges and reception. I took notes of all the little touches and quick fixes I can implement to support the team.

I thought the training was pitched to perfection, you certainly have an aura about you that holds the training room and the interest of the participants. The experiences and stories you shared really put into context on how my team can make a real difference on a day to day basis. The role playing was delivered with a serious tone, which is exactly what I wanted but you also ensured there was a fun element in there too.

We are bringing down our tea sets for the next session as there was feedback that the ladies would like to know how to serve tea properly in the lounge. Next year may be we could do a further specific session at the FBO on how to serve teas, coffees and drinks appropriately in the lounge, although you did cover this, may be some further role playing exercises would be great.

The Savoy tour put all the training into perspective and the level of service that we aim to aspire too, the head butler was superb, thank you so much for organising this for us.

To sum up, you delivered a professional training course and ticked all the boxes for what I wanted to achieve from it. I’m asking all the team to complete feedback questionnaires for me, so I will send copies of these to you shortly. Thank you very much for arranging this training course for me, you have certainly made an impact on my team which I’m sure will make a difference with the way we deal with our customers and crew. I will be looking for you to support my team further next year as I wish this to be a gradual build up on customer service and hospitality skills to ensure we deliver a world class service in our new FBO.

I’ll send you the names shortly for the next training course.

I look forward to Monday 28th October.

Kind Regards

Daniel Myles
General Manager