February 2014 Front of House Team Training

UK : Luxury Training : Hotel & Spa Service Staff School

The Sanchaya, Indonesia.

A member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World TM, Destination Elite and Secret Retreats

Mr Jasper De Kock, Director of F & B and Sommelier:

Very interactive / superb sessions. I personally learned a lot of new things with the NPL session just inspirational. Good balance of serious time vs fun times. Team reacted very well and a good sense of interest was created. Team very much improved with the great training and now it is up to us to put this in practice. Very happy my F & B team participated.

Ms Amelie Albertin, Rooms division Manager:

Interesting topics and great training with lots of learnings. Thank you v much for the training.

Student testimonials:

1. Great teacher / trainer and remarkable butler. The most experienced trainer I have ever meet in my hospitality experience. I gained unbelievable experience that will stand me in good stead for my butler career.

2. It is the best training that I have experienced. You are a very passionate and a great person and always patient if we are not grasping the skills the first time. I feel more confident and professional. Thank you so much and kindest regards.

3. Your teachings are easy to digest and I wish I could be trained by you for a longer time as I want to learn more. Thank you for teaching me anticipation and consistency. You are a person I don’t meet every day and I will remember you as I remember anticipation.

4. Dear Gary Williams thank you for your skills and teachings which have been very useful to me. I wish everyone could experience your training. One big thank you for everything.

5. First of all I am glad to have had a trainer such as yourself who is very understanding with all the trainees. You gave me back my confidence to do this hotel career. You taught us the details with such elegance. Bottom line is not only was the training material excellent but you are wonderful. Thank you so much Gary. You give us a better life.

6. It was the best training I have ever had. I start at the beginning again even though I have had 7 years in the hospitality industry. I feel confident and have learned that there is an etiquette to everything. Thank you so much for being a great trainer for us all.

7. It’s been a great time and opportunity to be trained by you. The training will much improve my skills in the hospitality industry. Last but not least thank you once again Gary and the learning, skills and knowledge and for being the best butler I have ever meet.

8. It is a great course, I have learned a lot about how to deliver excellent service. This course has made me more confident and I feel more professional. I love this course.

9. I would like to thank you for the training. The skills that you have delivered to me are incredible and with your experiences it has given me a passion to learn more and more. Last but not least YOU ARE AMAZING.

10. One word “Outstanding”!!