Good morning Gary,

You have the team buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm for all they have learned. Things is, we now we have only just scratched the surface of the task at hand.

You may be pleased to know that you have so impressed one of the attendees, William Harris, that he has taken it upon himself to sign up for your 10 day course in Venice next January. This is all at his personal expense.

It was genuinely our pleasure to have spent the past few days with you. The training was excellent and you have managed to endear yourself to our regional team. I think we have created a strong foundation for a long and mutually beneficial partnership and I will happily provide a testimonial regarding our training experience.

We look forward to receiving the course notes and your valued suggestions for ways in which we might improve our service.

Thank you for allowing us to use the TBBI crest with immediate effect. As discussed, we are committed to building a strong partnership with TBBI, as such, we would like to confirm arrangements for our second round of training to be completed in September 2016. Details will be finalized closer to the date but it is likely that this training will be conducted at out Jet Centre in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Gary, we appreciate your offer of ongoing support and assistance and will remain in contact throughout the coming year.

Kind regards,
Thomas Harper
Group Manager,
Business Development