Royal Super Yacht Interior Training, Greece – June 2021

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Student Testimonials

“The training gave me understanding of how many opportunities our job can give to us. Service is an art!”

“Our trainer was an expert, giving us the utmost of his experience and knowledge! As a servant said: Be what they want and not what we want”

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man the knowledge of fishing and he will eat for his entire life <<Comfukios>>”

“This training was one of the most pleasant experience! Ever had with trainings until now. Very knowledgeable and team spirit building”

“This training is for me a new beginning and a new experience”

“Many thanks to Mr. Papachristofilou for giving us the chance to expand our service skills”

“This training gave me more understanding of how many opportunities we have”

“I found the training really useful, even for more professional persons with experience. I understand that Butlering is a whole new world”

“It was very enlightening training. I have discovered a lot of new techniques and methods in the service. The trainer was kind, professional, easy to be around. I will turn knowledge into action”

“I became more confident in what I am doing, talking and how I am standing. The knowledge I received will be very useful and will be a big plus in my work performance”

“I was very glad to receive new knowledge. I discovered for myself a lot of new things in the service”

“This course was very cognitive for me. It increased my knowledge in hospitality business and I am very proud to be part of this great team”

“I am extremely glad and proud to have had such a great opportunity to have this training and meet so experienced person in my life. It was 100 % understanding and supportive. I sincerely appreciate the help from the trainer and everyone who made this happen. We are much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues”

“I am grateful for the knowledge. I appreciate all the efforts and time spent on teaching me”

“I would like to express my gratitude for the training. I t was both enjoyable and informative. I am grateful for the advice and new experience”

“I would like to thank the trainer and my company that they provide us training that we can use in our service for improvement and satisfy the Guests. We learned impressive languages and unique style of service that we can use to serve royal family in the future.”