Greetings from Santa Fe and wishing you have enjoyed your stay……. until your departure!!!!!!! I am here at Westin, going back to downtown.

I sincerely wish I could have participated in more sessions during your memorable and fantastic visit within our Team.

You may understand that having our Hotel almost 100% during last week, I focused -during your trainings- in controlling operation and
situations; there were too many tasks at hand.

Your visit took me back when Ivor Spencer visited us in Buenos Aires, -(at Park Tower Luxury Collection property)-.

You represent the real way how to teach professionals on what Hospitality industry needs to focus from now on…….

Your excellency in providing concepts on service is admirable. Thank so, so much. Everything we learn from you will be delivered to our Distinguished Guest.

All the best for both of you. Safe travels.

My best personal regards.


Roberto Otálora
Executive Assistant Manager

Dear Montserrat, thanks a lot for this beautiful message. I will share it tomorrow with the team. We learnt so much from you guys that I am sure the team will not stop talking about the great learning experience for a long time to come.

Let’s see how we can give continuity in one way or another to all these lessons learnt and best practices. About the manuals / training materials, I think you are looking into this with Ximena. Would be great to have them next week or so.

All the best and please visit us from time to time here, best regards,

Ps. Thanks a million for the lovely Afternoon Tea recipes

Thomas Jecklin
Director General

Thank you! For the excellent job in our property. I will review all the notes and get back to you.

Kind regards.

Ximena Esteinou
Director of Human Resources