The House of St Barnabas has been supporting those affected by homelessness for over 160 years, helping them to bring about a positive change in their lives. The House currently offers a unique Employment Training and Life Skills Programme to individuals recruited from nearby hostels and agencies.

The Programme provides participants with employment coaching, practical and classroom-based hospitality training, therapies and personal development focused on mental and physical well-being, a range of cultural activities and, most importantly, three months intensive work experience within Quintessentially Soho at The House of St Barnabas.

The British Butler Institute will partner with the House of St Barnabas to deliver professional workshops in the art of household management and close customer care. At the end of the programme, one participant will be given the opportunity to undertake the full Butler training course.

The British Butler Institute International School for Butler Administrators and Household Managers (Trained British Style) is a private London based Academy that adheres to all new International Standards. As the professional Butler’s role changes and our discerning clients require ever more multi-skilled professionals to run their homes and lifestyles, we strive to equip our trainees with the relevant knowledge required for the 21st century’s international job market.

A professional trained Butler will be able to apply for positions in Large Estates, Country and City Stately Homes, Palaces, Embassies, Private Jets, Yachts, Cruise Liners and the finest hotels across the Globe.

The partnership between the House of St Barnabas and The British Butler Institute furnishes the participants with a range of excellent and very applicable skills within this distinct section of the hospitality industry. The high-end level of training maximises the participants’ potential to progress quickly, and to sustain their transition from benefits to rewarding paid employment.

Through a supportive programme of learning and integrated training, the Charity aims at creating a space within which team-work, community and acceptance are paramount, and stigmatisation is left at the door.