Back on-board MY Pelorus

UK : Luxury Training : Luxury Yacht School

The British Butler Institute where recently invited back on MY Pelorus to deliver a follow up training program to both the housekeeping team and to the team of stewardesses.

It was a pleasure to see the team again, meet the new staff members and deliver a course bespoke to the Chief Stewardess’ requirements – and to great success. It brings me great joy to be asked back to train and to know that we are helping the team reach new heights in the service delivery. Thank you very much to Rachel the Chief Stew for the organisation and hospitality and for entrusting me with your training requirements.”

Gary Williams | Principal

Dear Gary,

Many thanks again for your time and for sending through the notes for us. The team thoroughly enjoyed the course and I know gained a lot knowledge from it.

Stay in Touch.

Kind Regards,
Rachel Weaver  |  Chief Stewardess