Another full class for our March 2014 Butler School! Students from 10 countries had an outstanding experience which is reflected in all of their testimonials. Thanks to the team at the British Butler Institute for all your hard work and thank you students for being simply outstanding in every way.

Mr Gary Williams, Principal – British Butler Institute London.


Sincerely fantastic 100% I have studied in many countries and diverse institutions and have never felt happier and content with a course like this one from The British Butler Institute. Keep up the outstanding work you must do every day in order to deliver such an excellent service in all sense. THANK YOU!!! Alina Ponomarova.

Thank you very much for your letter! This four weeks were awesome. Together with the knowledge and skills I has found in the truth of good friends! I offer my deep gratitude to Mr. Williams. He is an amazing coach! Best regards to Naomi Ryan.

Dear Sir,
I would like to thank you for give me opportunity to do the course at your institute. I know what a true privilege it is to do course with TBBI.I had a wonderful time working with you. I learned lots of skills from you and so excited to use in you know my time just begin and the job hunting is going on. I will be sure to let you know how it goes in due course.

I appreciate the time and support you have provided to me. I look forward to speak with you soon.Have a wonderful weekend.
Yours Sincerely, Yves Couturier

Very very good !! Thank you Mr Williams for all the great tips (Wow Factor) and skills you taught. Thank you for your support.
Bart Lobbestael

Professional !! High Class, We learned it correctly from the British Style.
Fang Peterson

Mr Williams and Mr Bonell are very professional and very patient and gentle and I love Mr Williams warm and humorous and I can trust him in short time. Mr Williams is an excellent tutor and will give my life great influence. I must say I enjoyed this course very much and really love what I have learned this wonderful memory will stay with me forever.
Excellent A big thank you to everyone at TBBI who participated in the butler training.
Nicolas Dutour

Lots of knowledge and always answer to the questions very patient and understanding and easy-going because of the different nationalities thank you for this 4 weeks course training very interesting and useful for my future career hopefully we will stay in touch.

Excellent, very professional and helpful tutor I ever met in my career 100/100. Thank you so much for your time and help and expertise which made me confident to find a job.
Brian McCollum

Excellent, knowledgeable and helpful and always willing to explain. An excellent course!
Piotr Zajac

10/10. I have really enjoyed all the course which was very well prepared and organised. Dear Mr Williams, I thank you very much for your email Sir but first of all I would like
to say big Thank You for your valuable time, knowledge and your professionalism in what you do as a Principal and your friendly approach as a teacher. I’ve learned a lot knowledge and information and I feel confident and well prepared for a new challenge in my life.

As you mentioned Sir you’re going to visit Singapore in nearest future to do some research also on the local job market. If you don’t mind Sir I’ll let myself to send you an email on the end of April reminding myself about my interest working in this country. Could you please Sir take under consideration if I, with my ability, can match any of possible posts.

Dear Mr Williams, How are you?
Thank you for your e mails ☺
I hope you have had a lovely weekend and that you will have an excellent week.
I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful course, our lovely chats, many good laughs and am certainly looking forward to many more in the near future therefore I will soon see what exciting horsy trip can be organized for you in October.

Dear Mr Williams

Thank you very much for your time, knowledge and organization of our training! It was an amazing four weeks of training! I got knowledge and skills. I saw myself on the other side. I saw my strengths and weaknesses. I am grateful that this training to meet interesting people. We perceive the knowledge of different parties making the learning process more diverse and efficient. Thanks to everyone that participated in this wonderful learning process! Thanks to everyone who received us warmly in the stores!

Yesterday we returned to Ukraine to complete affairs that have accumulated. At the end of this week we will go to the United States.

A special thank you from my daughter for the sweets! She is still remembers! Amazing memory.

Thank you for your attention to my family!

About photo of the graduation – I do not have because charge my battery was low, unfortunately.

I also expect from the guys pictures.

Thank you very much for your letter.

Have a nice day.
Alina Ponomarova

Dear Mr Williams, Thank you for your lovely e mail and kind words. Thank you so much once again for having given me the experience of a life time, so much knowledge and the opportunity to meet such an incredible group of people and God willing life time friends. Words will never be enough to express my gratitude to yourself and to your team at the British Butler Institute who all made this possible for each and every one of us. University is going well, it will be an extremely intense semester but am very excited to be finishing soon my career and cannot wait actually to start working, use my skills and get on to the next step in life although as you very well recommended I am enjoying every day as it comes since this is also a fantastic experience whilst studying at school. Hope all is well wherever you are travelling and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Kindest regards, Sam