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Grand opening of Signature Flight FBO, Luton UK

UK : Luxury Training : Cabin Crew Aviation School

Dear Gary

I hope your trip to China went well, and I would also like to thank you again for the two valuable days you spent with us at our new wonderful FBO. Although I didn’t get to spend too much time on the courses due to the preparation for the opening event.

We are now very close to opening after our fantastic Grande Opening Event, which was a real shame you were not able to attend.

I have spoken to my team to get feedback from their training with yourself. I am very happy to say you left them with very positive thinking, I feel that one or two of them realise that their appearance needs to be worked on, and that my moaning and groaning at them may have been in vain from time to time, but now put to them by an expert they may not think I am moaning for the sake of it.

They are already practicing some of the protocol and phrases that you taught them. We have also carried out and will keep carrying out role play, which makes it enjoyable but seems to help them put this into practice, and eventually becomes second nature.

I already have them working on client profiles, which they seem to be enjoying.

Gary I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the support and help you have given to myself and my team. I look forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future.

Kindest Regards

Sue Wilson

Signature Flight
Luton FBO