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Lauren Norton (Chief Stewardess)

I just wanted to write and share two things with you that the girls and I thought you would enjoy hearing about.

One is that I recently was asked by our boss, while he was here on a visit, to organise a cake for one of his friends at a night club in Amsterdam. We were an hour’s drive away and it was 8:30pm on a Saturday night. After a phone call to the club, who were no help, I remembered your task you set us with the cars in Monaco and called the concierge at the hotel the boss was staying at in Amsterdam. A lovely cake was delivered and the boss was very impressed and happy. So, thank you for giving me the knowledge to achieve this.

Two is the lovely shoe care box that Kimmie sourced and purchased for us, we think it’s beautiful and are all excited to use it very soon.

Kimmie Corvinius
“Excellent course, well presented. Thank you for a great course. It has been a pleasure.”

Danielle Luden
“Very impressed by Gary’s Knowledge. We have definitely learned a great deal of new improvements for our industry. Thank you very much. Flower course was great. Thank you so much for the past 2 weeks, the course has been wonderful.”

Rianne Lutchmaya
“Great course, really good selection of information taught. Have learned a lot and hopefully put into practice on the yachts. Thank you for sharing all your great knowledge with us.”

Kate Dixon
“Every day has been different and fantastic. I have learned great new skills to take with me into my new role. I would recommend it to anyone. Gary is awesome. A wonderful course . I feel I have learned so much from Gary. Thanks for everything.”

Lauren Norton (Chief Stewardess)
“A wonderful two weeks of learning. Very interesting and informative course. Gary’s knowledge is unparalleled and makes learning new ways of doing things fun and easy. I would definitely recommend this to others. Thank you for all your help and guidance.”

Adonia Marell
“A very well presented course. I have learned many new skills. Thank you Gary for all your knowledge. A great 10 days. It was a pleasure to be on your course. Best wishes for the future. Merry Xmas and New Year”

Trudi Miller
“This has been a fantastic experience and I thoroughly enjoyed all parts of the course. You have set a high goal for which I will strive for.”