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25 May 2017

This is Stella, addressing you from the Danai Beach Resort & Villas, where we recently had the pleasure of hosting you as a coach. I found the seminar at our property so inspiring, that I now have the wish to devote the winter recess of the hotel totally to my personal education on elegant behaviour and provision of highest quality service. I am planning to enrol in the January Course (10 Days) in Venice, but would be grateful if you were able to give me some advice on additional educational opportunities suitable to my purpose.
Lastly, since I remember you enjoyed receiving success stories as a result of the training, I am sure you will be pleased to read the following:

  • We provided a stunning experience for a lady, who celebrated her birthday. I organized a complimentary Cabana at the Beach and when being lead there, the staff members closest to her were waiting already with champagne and a cake. We served her favorite dishes in the Cabanas and for a dessert we had our Executive chef and sous chef prepare Live-Sorbet directly at the beach. For the dinner time I arranged a personalized decoration but further I arranged to have the musicians (we had live music that day) to come a little earlier, since the lady had reservation at 19:30. They started playing ‘Happy Birthday’ the moment she walked around the corner. Needless to say, that lady was in tears.
  • Another clients of ours (English) requested Tea on a daily basis. On one day at the beach we surprised them with having their own tea buffet set up next to their sun beds with a selection of tea, beautifully arranged slices of lime/lemon, all condiments and of course a selection of biscuits.
  • Another 2 clients would spend their time always at the same table at the Bar in the evenings. On the lady’s birthday, I picked up that particular set up and moved it onto a carpet which I placed directly by the sea. We arranged candles all the way from the bar towards the sofa and they could enjoy their drink directly by the sea that night. The lady was in tears when she realized what we had come up with on that occasion. That drink lasted 5 hours.
  • One client with his small son came daily to the beach  and would order the same drinks and food. Daily we placed the toys for the boy before they arrived at their usual sun loungers. On one day, he made an inquiry with me for a yacht excursion which I organized. As they went on the trip, they found their favorite food items in a lunch box arrangement and of course the boy’s toys along with a card to take on their excursion placed in their suite before they departed.

So far a few of my ‘wow-stories’. Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me to think to myself “Is there a way of making this extra-special in any possible way?”.

I am looking forward to your response and advice.

Warm regards from Greece and I am hoping to see you soon!

Stella PA to MD
Danai Beach Resort & Villas
63088 Nikiti Halkidiki