/////IAM Jet Centre Caribbean – another success story!

IAM Jet Centre Caribbean – another success story!

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Luxury Training October 2016 testimonials:

My pleasure Gary.

Do have a pleasant trip home.

Thank you so much for delivering exactly what we requested for this year’s training and I look forward to receiving your notes.

We have already started compiling our collective notes and hope to have written procedures in place by next week.

Thomas Harper

Group Manager,
Business Development
IAM Jet Centres
Grantley Adams International Airport
Christ Church, Barbados

Dear Gary,

Thank you for the attached module. I will try very hard to put it into practice. The best instructor is practice.

I plan to put this training to use right way not only in my work life but also my personal life. The more it is used the quicker it will become second nature.

It was my pleasure to play my part in this training. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.

I look forward to keeping in contact with you. I am here to assist any way I can.

Warmest Regards


Donna Goddard
Group Manager, Operations
IAM Jet Centres

Dear Mr.Williams,

Thank you kindly for you email and promised Dinning Etiquette. Much appreciated .

In fact, by sending the mentioned document you have given me an idea on how to structure training materials .

It’s been a real pleasure meeting you and as you said yourself – I do hope our paths cross again .

My team and I are totally “blown away” by you and your training. It goes without a say that your presence in Grenada had a huge impact on us all. You certainly are a Bank of Information we would like to come back too!

Warmest Regards,

Gabriela Kozub
Manager, FBO
IAM Jet Centre Grenada ‎
Maurice Bishop International Airport/TGPY

Dear Mr Williams

On behalf of the entire IAM TEAM, thank you for empowering us with the language and skills, so that we can master perfection.

Warmest regards

Gabriela and Grenada Team