Intercontinental Hotel, Malta

UK : Luxury Training : Hotel & Spa Service Staff School

Dear Gary

Many thanks for your energy and enthusiasm throughout the training! We look forward to welcoming you back!

Martin Van Kan
General Manager

Dear Gary,

Warm greetings from the sunny Malta.

I trust this email finds you well and your flight back at home was a safe one.

I am writing you this email as I couldn’t say goodbye to you personally yesterday but furthermore this email is to thank you for these wonderful 5 days, days full of inspiration and motivation.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us and thank you for your patience.

Whilst wishing you a pleasant evening and a lovely 3 days off with your family, kindly allow me to thank you once again for your time.

Warm regards,

Maria R. Garcia Castro.

It has been my greatest pleasure to meet you Mr Williams. You are the finest life mentor I have ever met. I hope to see you again one day… Remaining always at your service.

Mr Myuren Zyuhtyuev

Good evening,

The training provided was a huge success primarily thanks to the delivery method(s) utilised by Mr Gary Williams.

The whole programme was learner focused which made the five days very enjoyable. What made the training even more interesting is the sharing of experiences Mr Williams implemented during the training sessions. It shows how passionate Mr. Williams is about his job, as well as the organization he represents.

Otherwise – a very big well done and thank you. Looking forward to once again welcoming Gary in Malta.


Learning and development manager