Luxury Residential Training in Bel Air, California a resounding success.

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Testimonials from Bel Air, California, USA

Brief: To deliver training that will help the staff achieve seamless front and back of house service in all areas of the household as well as all outside areas including the pool areas. The staff must anticipate and be consistent with the service in a relaxed yet professional manner. They must deliver invisible service so as to assure that the principal feels at peace in the home.

Testimonials from the executive housekeeper and the house manager.

Hello, Mr Williams.

I am also so sorry that I didn’t get to say good bye! Me and the rest of the team would like to thank you for giving us five days of your knowledge and also to have the patience with us, it was an honour to meet you and having you as an instructor. Not only that you a sure our employment with the Principal  family. But you also turned us in to a better team because an order to provide a great service we have to work together and you made us realize that.! It really was an amazing experience. We promise we only going to get better because we will keep on practice on motion! Yes! I will prep the team with the information about the guest bathroom and also the wine and uniform.

Again!! Thank you so much.

Kindest Reyna.
Executive House Keeper

Good morning, Gary!

I just wanted to thank you for your time and your knowledge that you shared with my team and me. I do apologize for not making all the classes. Although I wanted to it was beyond my control.

As far as feedback is concerned I only have a couple of items. First off your knowledge and experience is amazing. The way you are able to pass it down to even the lowest experienced person was fascinating. Thank you for this.

Obviously time is an issue. Although the girls and I learned a ton I do believe that the course needs to be longer. Given the time constraints placed upon you I believe you did the best with it and hit the subjects that were important.

Other than that sir I have no complaints only complements. I can say enough how grateful I am for your time and what you have taught my team and myself. I know that you have only made us stronger and for this I am absolutely humbled. Thank you. Please take care.

Semper Fi,

Jessie Swartz
House manager