///Venice Graduation 2016

Venice Graduation 2016

Butler School News

Graduation overlooking the Grand Canal Venice, hosted by Count Mario Alvera.

Student Testimonials – Venice, January 2016

Dear Sir,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful, educational and extremely professional time spent in Venice. It was without doubt the highest level of professional I have ever experienced. The natural flow of information and its calm delivery of message was exceptional. I have learned more than I ever expected. As I said before it was most kind of you to keep me seated with Abigail, it helped my confidence in class considerably.

I do hope our paths cross again and my Irish invitation stands without expiry. Wishing you good health and continued success in the future. I will end on a great quote for you to think about until Montana arrives – ‘ Montana should come with a surgeon general warning that it’s addictive. The sky is big and blue and the air is always fresh and crisp and scented with pine. There’s a frontier spirit, but also a calmness, beauty in the landscape that slows your pulse.’

Kindest Regards,

John Mc Cormack (Ireland)

I just can thank you very much to share all your knowledge Gary! You are the best trainer in the world. This is my second course in The British Butler Institute and was absolutely amazing. Every course is different and we learned many themes to be better in this every day. Thank you for everything. Mexico is ready to receive you in my country in April 2016. I am so excited and very proud to work together in this. My vest wishes always!

Montse (Mexico)

Good evening Sir,

Thank you for all your kind words and for the two weeks in which I learnt so much in Venice, Italy.

I do however have to ask you for your assistance if I may? I’m currently working on my resume, updating, improving and perfecting it. I was hoping you would be able to scan your professional eye over it and give me your honest opinion and any suggestions to improve upon it in your own time.

Again, thank you for your time and patience on the course.

Kind regards,

Abigail (England)

Dear Gary

Thank you

It was a great pleasure to meet you.

I hope to organize another course, so I can learn other useful things

Best regards
Cecilia (Rome, Italy)

Dear Gary,

It was indeed an honour to once again learn from the best in the business.

I am back to work already and putting my new language skills into practice. This 10 day course has

shown me the importance of using the correct language with high end service can bring about great results.

Thanks for the course notes and being such a great instructor.

All the best.

William (Barbados)

Thank you very much, Gary,

I hope to have a lot of success in my professional career. I also wish you every success in your future work.

Kindest regards from the Croatian.

Radovan (Croatia)

The butler course was a wonderful and helpful experience for me. I would love to do it more longer to learn perfectly the right language to serve and deliver my work gracefully.

Jumabelle (Venice)

I could not even imagine that this butler course would have been so fantastic! Thank you Mr Gary Williams because with you, I`ve discovered a new fantastic world and I hope that in the future, I`ll be able to transform this my new passion in work.

Thank you so much

Sofia (Rome)

Thanks for the great experience at butler course, it was a pleasure to know you.

Peppe (Amalfi coast)

I have been a nice experience about a butler course, I think to have learn many things and I will to do a lot of practice to become a good butler. Thanks!

Donato (Venice)

Gary thank for everything, was a pleasure to meet you in Venice. I hope to see you again soon. Thanks for the Great moments.


It was an honour and an utter pleasure to join this course and this beautiful experience.

Thank you


I cannot explain how lucky I am that find valuable experience beside nice people. I really appreciate that and so proud of British Butler Institute because they went long wat to correct everything from different parts of the world and ow we can learn easier many hidden factors which exist in this field, thank you for sharing this.

Rose (Iran)