The British Butler Institute in association with Circolo societa dell unione venezia will be running our second 10 day butler training program in Venice from 13th January – 22nd January 2016.

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Phone:  +44 (0) 2031 300 292

Testimonials from 2015 Course:

No words can describe what a fantastic and surreal butler course we had in Venice recently. It was the first course where we had both principals (Counts and Countesses) and students in the same class together, it was just such an incredible experience and a great success. Before class one could enjoy an excellent coffee made by the clubs butler Giuseppe on the balcony overlooking the Grand Canal, and during lunch explore the streets and canals and sample the delicious food.

We were honoured to meet, Mrs Jane Rylands and Mr Philip Rylands who runs the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice and gain some fascinating knowledge into this outstanding museum. During the course we gained invaluable insights into the world of Counts and Countesses and what their expectations are of service excellence.

January is definitely the best time to be in Venice as it is quiet and very reasonably priced as well and I am delighted to announce that we will be running our second course in Venice next year January 2016.

Testimonials from the students:

Dear Gary. Thank you for a wonderful course. I have learnt a great deal! It has been a fantastic 10 days! Thank you.
Joanne, PA to Royal Palace

Sir Gary, I am excited to practice all the new skills learned during the 10 day course. Thank you!
Christian, Head F O Luxury Cruise Liner

Sir Gary, Thank you for the amazing opportunity of learning from the best. Was a great experience. Thank you.
Bogdan, Deputy Manager Luxury Cruise Liner.

Thank you for the course as I learned many new things. Really enjoyed it.
Nikon, Butler to Countess

Thank you Sir Gary, I learned many things. My English is better and I am more confident.
Front of house, Luxury Hotel Turin

Thanks Sir Gary I will keep every you teaching in my mind and I hope for all the best.
Giuseppe, Butler – Circolo Venice.

Dear Gary, It was very nice to see you and I really enjoyed the training. Hope to see you again in Singapore.
Ricardo, Luxury Hotel London.

It had been an honour, a great pleasure, having the chance to meet a person like you. Learning and practicing incredibly useful skills in such a professional way, thank you so much!
Countess Lavinia Martini Carissimo

Excellent course and we are delighted with our collaboration! We are going ahead with the 2016 course after such success.
Count Alvera