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Etiquette training, First Bank of Nigeria

The British Etiquette Institute where delighted to be invited to the W Hotel in Barcelona to train students from The First Bank of Nigeria recently.

We are delighted with the testimonials!



The British Butler Institute Finishing School Master-Class Program Testimonials


Today’s teaching on etiquette has been an eye opener. Society is fast loosing how to live by etiquette and I have been challenged to improve my etiquette.
Toyin Hassan-Odukale

Excellent experience and I would recommend for everyone.
Nguyan Feese

I have learned a lot of new and exciting information which we would not usually put into consideration. VERY informative and educational.
Huriyya Lawal

Great experience. Learnt a lot in a very short period of time.

Very interesting experience. I have something new to add to my art of entertaining and being entertained as well.
Hadiza Ibrahim

Today has enriched me in a very special way. It has been very informative and educational. Thanks for a great presentation.
Pauline Utimazrui

A good experience. I have learned a lot and intend to put everything I have learned to practice. Gary is a very good presenter with interesting stories and examples.
Charo Waziq