Successful March 2016 Butler Programme!

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March 2016 Butler School

A diverse group of students from all over the world recently attended the March 2016 programme and it was a pleasure to teach such an enthusiastic group of people who came from such diverse backgrounds. Some went onto do our work experience programmes at some of the finest hotels in London and some went back to their respective jobs with much enthusiasm. Others we are helping to find positions worldwide.

It was a delight to hear back from the students with such wonderful testimonials…

Dear Ms Thompson

Thank you very much for your e-mail.

We have taken good note of the below. Hussain is looking forward to starting the work experience tomorrow.

Furthermore, he would like to thank the whole team, especially also Mr Gary Williams, for the great course. Hussain was certainly able to improve his knowledge a lot.

Thank you again and best regards,


Good day, Gary.

Just a quick mail to thank you for the training during the above dates.

The module I attended was so fascinating and I wish I could have carried on with the next one asap.

It was really a pleasure to be trained by you and your passion for the industry is infectious.

I will be returning asap in the next year to complete the cooking and flower arranging module.


Phillip Swanepoel

It has been a true pleasure to attend the first two weeks of the butler program and I am looking forward to ending my training in September especially in attending the master classes that I missed including the flower design, the coffee barrister and the cooking ones.

I hope Principal Williams will be able to arrange the training as for March so I can attend the classes that I missed this time on the second half of the training.

It was indeed a fulfilling experience to meet Principal Williams and to share with him the passion for the attention to all those details that make the difference in the luxury world and in everyday life.

I can only applaud him for his way of leading the classes and for his diplomacy and to be such a role model that only passionate people can transmit in such a class way.

I definitely improved my knowledge of my communication skills and I have learnt many small details which will help me out on my daily duties and much more.

So thank you once again for this experience.

I would like also to wish all the remaining candidates a successful graduation and all the best on their future careers.

Best regards,

Alessandro Bergo

Thanks Gary. I hope you’re enjoying Germany. I absolutely loved the flower design course yesterday. The whole group got lots of good pictures too. Thank you once again for the course it really has been great, sad to be leaving the group today!

Many thanks,

Chloe Colton

Dear sir

The pleasure was all mine to have been on this fantastic course and journey with you sir.

Also i will be available to work from April the 11th.

thank you for your time and help sir i greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Kasper Moustie

Dear Mr Williams,

I would like to say you again thank you very much for this very interesting, very well explained and presented training course! You’ve been the most helpful and thoughtful person.
It was a very big pleasure to meet you!

Best regards,


Hello sir.

In attachment my C.V. sir.

I would like to work in a household somewhere, i don’t really mind any country except i would not want to work in Asia.

It would be lovely if you could help me find a job sir. I am not quite sure if there is anymore information that u need, if there is please do send me an e-mail and i will reply with the information needed.

Also i really want to thank you for the amazing 2 weeks sir, they have been really educational and a lot of fun.

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us and thank you for your time.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Germany sir and we will stay in touch.

Kindest Regards,

Kasper Moustie

Dear Gary,

Thank you for the email, I am so happy to hear about her progress. Sara has so enjoyed the course – I am lucky that we were able to send her to you.

I attach her up to date CV.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,


Mr Gary, good evening.

I finished today at The Ritz.

I would like to thank you and all the British Butler Institute team for the amazing time I had and for everything I have learned. I enjoyed it and it was a nice experience for me.

Diana Casian

Dear Gary,

I have finally found a moment to sit still and write. I wanted to sincerely thank you for your never ending enthusiasm and knowledge on the course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel I have benefited immensely. Now it’s time to find that job… I’m sure it’s just around the corner!

Thank you once again.

Best Regards,
Richard Cornish

Dear Mr Williams

Once again a huge thank you to yourself and the team at The British Butler Institute. Your enthusiasm, passion, expertise and endless knowledge is inspiring for those that attend any of your courses.

I feel the course has provided me with the knowledge, skills and information I needed. From this breeds the confidence and consistency. You will be pleased to know that I have got a principal’s manual under way and shall be gradually adding to it when possible.

Again thank you!

Kind regards,

Thomas Robotham