/////Successful collaboration with Vistajet

Successful collaboration with Vistajet

UK : Luxury Training : Cabin Crew Aviation School

The British Butler Institute is very privileged to be invited to train on multiple days during the course of 2015. To deliver consistent service excellence we believe it is vitally important that on-going training is implemented.

Dear Gary,

It was a wonderful day and such a fantastic opportunity for the ladies to
experience the training. I agree that it was a great success.

Thank you again,

Head of CH Training

Having heard how successful your course with the Cabin Hostesses has been, I would be very keen to see where we can work together on improving VistaJet communications across the board, not only with customers but between teams and individuals from around the world. Malta is now our 24/7 global operations hub, and on a daily basis the teams speak to suppliers, handlers and others in different locations and time zones. Cultural awareness internally is also key, given that in any team we may have up to 17 different nationalities working together.

Katie Read
Internal Communications

Hi Gary,

I saw the picture from the Cabin Hostess training and heard it was a great success!!

All the best,

Alexandra Bodman-Morris