10 Reasons to Become a Certified British Butler with The British Butler Institute

  1. Trained British Style in Britain – Our clients worldwide desire service excellence professionals to be trained both British and International Style in Britain – which is why the demand for skilled butlers trained by The British Butler Institute has never been higher.
  2. The luxury hospitality job market is the career for the future – The world of luxury is ever expanding as the number of millionaires and billionaires expands at a rapid rate across the globe. The rich are in search of experiences and service excellence and thus the demand for outstanding service professionals will grow exponentially year on year. Both ladies and gentleman are in demand and both young and mature candidates have excellent opportunities.
  3. Global reach – We are ideally placed to understand the requirements of our international clients as we have offices and partners around the world, this positions us to understand the different nuances of service expectations of the myriad of nationalities and thus apply this understanding to our teachings.
  4. Enter the World of Luxury – Butlers are exposed to worlds that would otherwise be closed to them. These opportunities are to name but a few – to fly in private jets, work on super yachts, live is fabulous locations, drive beautiful cars, work with fine art, eat delicious food and look after luxury items.
  5. Earn outstanding salaries and perks – We know of no other industry where the potential to climb swiftly up the earning ladder is so prevalent than in the world of the professional butler. Starting salaries of £21K and an average salary of £40K to the truly stratospheric salary of the top earners who are earning in excess of £100K, this with most positions having the additional perks of free accommodation, meals and transport. The highest paid butler in the world is currently earning $2.2 million dollars net per annum!
  6. See the world – The possibility of seeing the world is very high indeed from looking after the principal’s residence in London on the one hand and then flying out to the Seychelles to prepare the Villa for the principal’s holiday. The world is your oyster.
  7. Our recruitment reach and scope – With offices and partners around the globe we are ideally places to receive opportunities from all sectors of the luxury industry for qualified staff. We are also in collaboration with other recruitment companies to widen our reach to assist applicants in finding the right position.
  8. Work experience program – We are delighted to work with outstanding 5 star hotels in London to make that all important progression from studies to work experience which is of huge benefit if you have no experience in this industry. Here you will shadow top butlers in these fabulous hotels to gain hands on experience and deliver what you have learnt in the classroom to discerning clients.
  9. Each day is varied and different – Each day will be varied and different from the last as reflected in clients’ requirements and changing needs, which in turn adds to the rewarding nature of our working lives.
  10. Concierge – We are uniquely placed in London to visit some of the finest retail establishments in the world and understand the different products and services that the rich demand. Students are taken behind the scenes with experts to understand the luxury market and bespoke nature of many luxurious products. In turn the students build up essential contacts which will assist greatly in their future or present roles.