Venice 2020 Highlights

“A truly amazing group of students from around the world!! Thank you very much indeed for the handmade Venetian notebook, Murano glasses and all the other gifts bestowed on me. Truly, thank you.

Many new friendships were formed and it was a joy to see such a close group of students.

Kindest Regards and welcome to the family

Gary Williams”
Principal, London

The Class of 2020!

Student Testimonials:

Good afternoon, Mr. Gary I wanted to text you after the course and I didn’t wanted to disturb you because I know that you are busy. U are very welcome I hope you enjoying with our presents also I wanted to say to you during this course I apply for Four Seasons hotels for a bartender and after my interview I got a position that I could not refuse F&B Supervisor just because of this course I get the stability and strength to move forward. I wish you a pleasant day and one more time thank you for everything.You were right everything is theater and we represent ourselves in the best light that we can.

Thank you one more time,
With kindest regards,
Dina Slijepac  

Thank you’ll never be the same person again! From now on there is a little bit of you here with me.

Your student from Brazil

“Those who pass by us, do not go alone and don’t leave us alone. They leave a bit of themselves and take a little of us.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for presenting an inspirational learning experience. I have discovered an incredible insight into the levels of service which raise ordinary service to extraordinary levels of excellence. I will seek to challenge myself at every turn and look for ways to become indispensable.

Thank you with great anticipation.
Rachel Francis.

Dear Gary,

Simply thank you for transferring your passion to us. I am delighted to say that you brought me to another level. I have always been confident in my job and after this course I really feel being the best and with confidence. All the best. Merci.


Good evening Ms Claire

It’s Marta, we have exchanged few emails weeks ago and I’m currently attending the course in Venice with Mr Williams.

The course is going great, I’m finally learning what I’ve been missing for a long long time, I’m extremely grateful!

I’m emailing  you to find out if you could assist on one more request: my classmates and I would like to buy a gift to Mr Williams before the end of this course, so by next Thursday. I know what red wine he likes, I would assume He might have a good selection  of pens and similars, so I was thinking perhaps to look for a spa treatment before He’ll depart from Venice. Would you know when will He be flying out?

Or if you could advice on any additional likings of His that could help us on the gift search?

I appreciate your time on this matter and please forgive my intrusion. Wish you a lovely weekend!


Dear Mr Williams,

I don’t have enough words to thank you for what you have shared with us over these 10 days. You are an amazing man and I will keep your words as a guide for the rest of my days in this great career of mine! Wish our path will cross again some day, until then I wish you the best and more.

My kindest regards

Hello, Gary!
This is Riabov Volodymyr. I just want to thank you for everything. I was delighted to meet you. I had a great time and exprience  throughout the course. Thank you for your advice, patience and time. And as we got last conversation you asked me what my target is to work for. I know very soon Ritz Carlton is going to launch new ship, so I want to apply as a butler on it.

Best regards,
Riabov Volodymyr

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
Roald Dahl

Dear Gary,

It has been an enormous pleasure to have had the opportu