Spring 2015 Highlights

March Butler School 2015

A truly fantastic group of students passed through our doors after the recent March 2015 graduating ceremony. Some will go back to their jobs others will return to the various parts of the Globe which they call home, and some will go onto The Ritz London hotel to gain work experience. Without doubt they leave full of optimism and confidence in the skills attained during the course. Interviews are already underway for students who have applied for jobs through The Institute. Without doubt I have every confidence that they will find excellent jobs and fulfil their dreams and goals.
Well done to you all and as you are part of the family now, we look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in anyway we can.

Kindest regards

Mr Gary Williams,

Student Testimonials

My experience on the course was nothing more than superb. Gary’s expertise is second to none and his course content and structure was perfect.

Having checked other courses I definitely made the right decision and would certainly recommend this to anyone thinking of going into this industry.

…Also Gary has secured me a job in a beautiful private household in London which I’m truly grateful for.

Mr Gary Williams

Principal The British Butler Institute

I would like to pass to you a huge thank you for the course so excellently delivered by yourself. It was informative, inspiring and interspersed with your anecdotes, very enjoyable. I have come away feeling well equipped, confident and excited at the prospect of a career in service as a butler.

The whole experience from the outset, beginning with Claire in administration, through to the delivery and content of the course itself had exceeded all my expectations. The course along with your guidance has helped me to firmly commit to pursuing a career as a butler, so I am sure, that I may call upon your excellent services again for further training in the near future, where hopefully our paths will cross again.

Many thanks again and kindest regards

Gordon Kay

Thank you Gary.

I also want to say that I’m very happy with the training. £5000 was an investment but it’s totally worth it. The flower class today was amazing. And not doubt tomorrow will be the same.

Have a good evening.



Dear Gary

It has been a pleasure to meet you! Probably one of the best investments in my life was to get in touch with TBBI. Best wishes Elena

Dear Gary

Thank you again for your time and a wonderful experience. I look forward to an incredible future.


To Mr Williams

It has been such a pleasure to be part of the British Butler Institute 2015. Your guidance has been simply fantastic. Please enjoy the lovely gin from Highgate London. Always at your service.
David Farrington

Dear Ms. Thompson,

thank you very much for the notes and your greetings too!
It has been a brilliant time spent with The British Butler Institute.

Best regards,

Elena Bartosova

Dear Gary and Philip

good morning to you both and I hope all is well. I have finally got pen to paper electronically and wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the four week course. I have really missed it last week and coming into class with the other students and just socialising. it really has been one of the best times of my life. it was great having the Friday shop days and just seeing a little glimpse of a totally different London.

I thank you both for the passion and commitment you give to this course and industry/profession. it has really given me a new perspective on life. just putting some of the language and actions into normal daily life gets a good reaction from people.

I have my one week placement at the Ritz London in a couple of weeks time and look forward to it.

I know I will be in contact again for help or guidance but until then I remain yours sincerely

Peter Lambert

Dear Mr Williams, Thank you for your lovely e mail and kind words. Thank you so much once again for having given me the experience of a life time, so much knowledge and the opportunity to meet such an incredible group of people and God willing life time friends. Words will never be enough to express my gratitude to yourself and to your team at the British Butler Institute who all made this possible for each and every one of us. University is going well, it will be an extremely intense semester but am very excited to be finishing soon my career and cannot wait actually to start working, use my skills and get on to the next step in life although as you very well recommended I am enjoying every day as it comes since this is also a fantastic experience whilst studying at school. Hope all is well wherever you are traveling and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Kindest regards, Sam

Dear Gary,

This week in Rostock, Germany I have been thinking a lot about the training at the British Butler Institute. Once again I would like to thank you for the efficient and well prepared course in September.

After a slow paced, week-long training for seafarers I got my certification today and I will start as a butler in a team of seven on ‘MV Europa 2’ next Friday in Chennai, India. It’s a brand new German cruise ship from Hapag-Lloyd with the most favourable room per passenger ratio currently on sea. Surprised to get this position and excited at the same time, I am looking forward to discover how it feels to be a butler. Thereafter I still envisage an Executive MBA at Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne and study hard to pass their criterias.

Should you have particular advise for such a position I am more then happy about it.

My very best regards,


Jeremy Horwel

Dear Gary

My life in Doha has so far been very interesting and for filling. The Family are great to work for, and i feel confidant about completing the one year contract. The staff have responded well (apart from the ones that are hiding something! ), my work is diverse, from trying to locate the giant
tortoise in the Palace grounds be for pest control spray for sneakers and scorpions, relocating all the staff into new accommodation, serving afternoon
tea to dignitaries, having a tour round Qatar airways new Cargo terminal (55.000sq feet) and arranging flowers, makeover of the old palace garden, cleaning all the silver ………. i could go on,but you get the picture!!…. so yes all good.

Thanks for getting back to me….. and for the job over here, hope to meetone day.

Thank you

Jeremy Horwell


Dear Gary, Craig and Claire

Your training with us has had instant results, thank you again for such an outstanding weeks training for our butler team and setting up the butler department. We would love to have you back in December!

Harry Goldman

Donald King

Mr Williams talents as trainer are legendary. The skills passed onto me and the team will stand us in good stead and also throughout our lives.

Congratulations on the award you have received and thank you for everything!

Major London Event

Hi Gary,

I hope you’re well.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for all your efforts at yesterday’s luncheon. It was a pleasure to work with you and our guests were thoroughly entertained. They had nothing but good words to say about you. You really blew it out the water!

Thanks for making the event such a success and I hope you work with you again in the future.

Jess Bond
Project Co-ordinator
Slice. / Experiences people talk about

University of East London Business School

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to say thank you again for organising and running a fantastic programme last week.

The feedback from the 30 students has been brilliant and they all appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed the two days.

I hope that we can run similar sessions in the future.

As requested, I have also attached a photo of the students and yourself.

Kind Regards,

Mark Watson
Employability Manager
University of East London

Principals name withheld for privacy reasons

Gary’s unique training has been an inspiration and “priceless”. We have had the pleasure of knowing Gary for over 12 years, in which time he and his team have consistently delivered outstanding training to all of our Butlers. The results are immediate!

Thank you again and all the best.

Anna Anuscenko

Dear Mr Williams

I would like to thank you for the training. The knowledge you have helped me to gain is absolutely invaluable. I am very glad that I had the honour of meeting you.

All the best,

Dubai VVIP Residence

Dear Gary and Graham.

Thank you for all your preparation before you conducted the training. Your professional approach before during and after training has been very much appreciated by my esteemed principal (MV112). The training was everything and more than we expected. See you again in August!

Kindest regards


Lucy Millet

One word “Outstanding!!” “Thank you British Butler Institute”.

Nicholas Bridges (Steward Luxury Rail)

Gary thank you very much for your expert skills that you have imparted to me. I should have done this course in 2011 when I was looking at retraining. As they say “never too late”. To the team at BBI thank you all.

Ronny Dishman

The london trips the Fridays were a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into luxury retail. The training at BBI was the very best I have ever come accross and will aid me in my current position. Judy and Thomas thanks for all your support.

I will miss you all, and will keep in touch.