World class coffee depends on the execution of the roasting.

Combining the purest of roasting traditions with quality German PROBAT roasting equipment and modern technology ensures sweet, smooth and beautifully full-bodied blends of distinctive single origin coffees.

Students attending the 4 week butler school will gain practical hands-on training in the very important skill of preparing and delivering excellent coffee.

The content of the espresso course covers all the basics – understanding how to use a grinder to ensure the extraction of the espresso is correct, thus maximising the quality of the taste; utilising excellent milk steaming and milk pouring techniques; important machinery cleaning and maintenance procedures.

We follow these initial steps by learning how the coffee gets from bean to cup – from processing to roasting. We then taste 3 different coffees from different parts of the world via a process called ‘cupping’ – introducing you to the myriad flavours that exist in coffee and how those flavours come to be there.

Recent Coffee Mastery Course