September 2019 Highlights

“There are no other ways to show you how thankful I am for this training other than using what I have learnt and to be successful. You both opened a whole new world for me…”

Dear Gary,

A heartfelt Thank you for the most wonderfully inspiring course with you at the helm.

The unique style and knowledge you both bring to the British Institute is inspiring and therefore made this a very valuable experience for me.

I made some good connections with fellow students and must agree that is was a genuinely good group that connected
from the first day.

Once again, my gratitude for the added knowledge I have acquired through these few weeks training.

Warm regards,

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Dear Gary and Stathis

Thank you for opening a new world to me and sharing your knowledge and experience. Everything is in our hands. Thank you for changing lives. Julis

Dear Gary and Stathis

I truly appreciate how passionate you both are. You are real mentors and I would like to say a huge thank you! Andres

Thank you very much for everything. Surely what you have taught will change my life. Apinya. Airline Professional

Thank you very much indeed for your teaching, your finesse to us! We are really appreciative! Yoshiko from Japan

A privilege to meet you. A unique course which has filled me with additional knowledge. Thank you for a wonderful course and three informative weeks. Brenda

I feel very privileged to be taught by you everything that is about a butler is you. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you, MC, Greece

Gary my colleagues and I would like to thank you for your time and expertise. Seriously what a great 2 weeks. Thanks, so much Mike USA

Dear Mr Williams

Thanks, so much for sharing all the amazing experience with us! It was truly a pleasure and a great opportunity. Best wishes Royal Genie Team

Queridos Gary and Stathis

Thank you so much for all the knowledge you’ve passed on to us, we will be the best version of ourselves. Best wishes Hugo

Dear Gary and Stathis

It was a real pleasure and I am really grateful for all your experience which you both shared with us. It is amazing to be part of this extraordinary team. Always I will cherish these memories. Sincerely Simone

Huge thank you, Mr Williams and Mr Stathis for all your knowledge. Sergii

Thank you very much, you are the best because you brought out the best in us. Domina

Dear sir

I appreciate enormously the effort and I’m thankful for the time that you have spent on my case.

I’m truly enjoying my time at the course because I know that every single details learned is something that I will be able to use during a future job.

Dear Mr Williams,

Hope this email finds you well.

Time flies and I’ve enjoyed the course tremendously. There’s so much I’ve learned from you and Mr Papachristofilou. We’ve now come to the very end and to our much looked forward graduation.

best regards,
Dee Dee Lim

I will see you next week. Thank you, again

Kindest regards
Carlo Snaiderbaur

Dear Gary and Stathis

There are no other ways to show you how thankful I am for this training other than using what I have learnt and to be successful. You both opened a whole new world for me. Thank you very much and all the best for both of you and may you meet and train many more. Christaan

Dear Mr Williams,

Please let me use this occasion to thank you for the magnificent British Butler Institute course I’ve been attending. Your lectures are very informative and I admire your passion in delivering them.

Thank you very much for generously helping me reach my professional potential.

With kindest regards,
Simon D.