Venice 2022 Highlights

“Another fantastic group of students in Venice. I am so delighted to say we successfully ran this course under the expert guidance of lead trainer Stathis.

Gary Williams”
Principal, London

The Class of 2022!

Student Testimonials:

Dear Mr Williams,

Thank you for the opportunity, I am honoured and extremely grateful for meeting so many professionals from all around the world of hospitality, fantastic ideas and all conducted by an exceptional person in the historic Venice!

Dear Mr Williams,

British Butler Institute CPD course was intensive but practical and hands on. As a couple the course built on our existing skills and taught us new soft and hard skills for HNW House management and service; skills that could take a lifetime to accumulate.

We Improved our meet and greet skills; boosted our table service; fine tuned Lesley’s Wardrobe management and consolidated my 20 years of supporting Principals and their guests into sound simple principles and easily learned techniques. We now recite your 5 Pillars dailly!!

We will now earn more and we will be of greater value to HNW employers. As a couple we have realised that we are worth every penny as is the British Butler Institute CPD training.

Many thanks to you and your team!

Best Regards,
Noel Collins and Lesley Sloan

Dear Claire,

I would like to confirm that I have received via mail the British Butler Institute Pin, a wonderful & symbolic reminder of Mr. Williams’ invaluable lessons that I had the honor of attending online.
Please accept my best wishes to all of you for a Happy New Year, and in any case that more lessons will become available online via your website, just let me know!

Warmest regards