November 2020 Highlights

Orlando USA – 5 Week Training for exclusive members club, London House

“You are wonderful teachers. I have learned more than I could have imagined in these 4 short weeks. You have already made an enormous impact on my life and it is just the beginning…”

Dear Mr Williams,

It is very difficult to express my full gratitude for you both in worlds. The tiny dedication and guidance you give my team is immeasurable. Every day spent with you both is full of joy and knowledge. The energy is palpable. I hope to see you both once this is over and share a meal together. Maybe with a bottle of 82 Latour in our 10th location.

Best wishes to you both, with heartfelt gratitude,

Juan Valencia,


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Dear Gary, You are wonderful teachers. I have learned more than I could have imagined in these 4 short weeks. You have already made an enormous impact on my life and it is just the beginning. I will always remember and cherish how hard you worked to elevate our standard of service with a smile on your face and genuine care in your hearts. I am honoured to have gotten to know you and you can rest assured we will make you proud!
Always at your service Jamie Pichard

Dear Gary, This past 4 weeks have been one of the most important in my career. The professionalism and knowledge that I have achieved has created a huge impact in my daily dedication. Never have I seen service with such new standards. Thank you so much for your time dedication and passion. Sebastian Ruminot

Dear Gary, Everyday learning from you in a wonderful adventure into all things beautiful. While there are many who talk about the way things ought to be its truly inspiring to watch you exemplify theses lessons in every way from how to hold yourselves to how you address and treat others. I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work with and learn from you again. (More Modules) God bless Erik.

Dear Mr Williams, Does on choose the profession of a butler or does the butler profession choose you? The sacrifice you`ve made to help others better themselves is not only the measure of a true gentleman but also a true leader. Your teaching shall be magically passed through the lives you touched to those who`s polite smile of gratitude your never see. But rest assured the passing of knowledge shall be presented with a sense of pride in hopes of making the world a better place. Godspeed Mr Williams David Hursey • Dear Gary I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. You touched my heart and have inspired my days. I wish I had more to offer than sincere words because you gave me something priceless…………..knowledge. Thank you both dearly. Kalen Adams. “May the lord watch over you as we are separate one from the other!”

Dear Gary Thank you for all the time and effort you show to me. This 4 week passed so quickly having you as a mentor was on of the most wonderful experiences in life. Carpe Diem Stefan Stojanovic

Hello Mr. Williams I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the knowledge passed on to all of us in the Last 5 weeks. I hope this is not a final goodbye but more like I see you soon. I’m sure you’ll be back to London House eventually for future training. I hope you’re enjoying some fine tequilas in Mexico right now. Best regards, Geisa De Azeredo • Dear Mr Williams You’re a really special person. Your love for life and people shone through in so many inspiring ways and if anyone ever deserved the best in life it would be you. Marc Leventhal

Mr Williams, You may recall asking us on Day 1 what we expected to get out of the training and I replied that the best way or better way of doing the thing that I have already learnt in hospitality. I definitely feel that I have accomplished this so thank you very much for that and the best of luck in the future Thomas

Dear Gary ,Thank you so much for coming here and allowing us the opportunity to grow ourselves and better our careers. Ive learned so much in the last few weeks and I will take my knowledge with me for work and in life. This has definitely been the highlight of this year! Thank you again and wish you well. Haley Johnson

Mr Gary, it was such a pleasure and honour to be in your class. Thank you, Julia

Dear Gary, The past weeks have been simply amazing. Working with you the top trainers in the industry has been a blessing and an honour. We will sure thrive in this new journey thanks to all your lessons. Hopefully after graduation we will not say goodbye but simply I`ll see you soon. Best Regards Geisa De Ajeredo

Dear Gary, I can’t express enough how honoured and blessed I have been to have meet you. The knowledge and culture you have taught us is second to none. You have relit my passion for not only my own life but for this industry. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait till we meet again! Blessings Andrew Higgins

Mr Williams I must express my gratitude for the lessons and reformed sense of positivity you have instilled in my life. You shall forever be remembered. I will be in touch. Best regards Trevor

Mr Williams, When I arrived my first day of training I thought to myself “I have been doing this forever what more could I learn”. From the bottom of my heart I just want to thank you for bringing me up to a level of service that I never thought would be possible. You have inspired me to be positive every day and the quote of “Thoughts become things” has changed my mindset. Thanks Chris

Dear Gary, The experience has been incredible. Although I appear to forget when I go to the front of the class, I promise its only because my son keeps me awake until 4am… ha ha. Thank you again for providing us with your breath of knowledge Cheers Mike

Mr Williams, What a wonderful experience, very well taught training course very detailed. I’m honoured to have attended it. Thanks to both of you these four wonderful weeks of training went by like a blink of an eye with your experience and teaching methods. Wish you all the best Francesco D Angelo

Dear Gary, We only had the pleasure of your company foa a short 4 weeks but the knowledge and wisdom yourve given us will last a lifetime. You have bot